Reschedule exam


The APPSC must know that there is an election coming up (Panchayat) and many, if not all, existing government employees are restricted from taking leave. Conducting the exam in such a constricted time makes the playground very uneven.

Many such engineers are out there who work menial jobs to support themselves and their families. It hurts me to say that many engineers take this route because for years there has been very or say close to no job openings for mechanical or computer engineers. And now with the Panchayat election coming close, we get drafted for extra work on top of our regular work. Not to mention the ever-existing threat of Covid-19.

Furthermore, with all the state resources diverted towards a safe election, there is always a chance of subpar security during exams.

I request the apex body, the APPSC to reschedule the JE (Electrical) exam to a more convenient date and not crush many of our dreams.

An aggrieved engineer