Recruitment scam and govt reluctance


Perhaps the only good news of this year was the unexpected unearthing of the recruitment scam for the posts of JSA/ LDC and UDC- for the candidates, their parents and family as well as the state administrative machinery.

As a parent, I would like to congratulate the SIC team led by SP Harsha Vardhan for bringing the case almost to its conclusion. The two-member committee comprising of Kaling Tayeng and Jitendra Narain had already submitted its report to the chief secretary a long time back.

However, it’s interesting to see that due to political and personal reasons, the Pema Khandu-government is showing unreasonable reluctance in taking the recommended measures, which are- to dismiss all the authorities involved in the case from their positions as and to give justice to the innocent candidates who were able to secure their candidature only out of their hard work, talent and sacrifice.

Enough precious time has already been lost. I think it’s time the state government prove its mettle and bring the case to its logical conclusion.

A parent