Fight crimes against women

Crimes against women are rising at an alarming rate in the state. Even as Arunachal is still coming to terms with the brutal murder of Techi Meena Lishi and her unborn baby in a cold-blooded murder, on Sunday a woman was murdered in a horrific manner in Upper Subansiri district for resisting sexual assault. Also, a few days ago, a domestic help was raped in Bameng in East Kameng district by her employer. All these incidents point towards a dangerous trend emerging in the state. For a state which for long took pride in being one of the safest states for womenfolk, the growing criminal incidents are a matter of deep concern.

The society needs to wake up from its deep slumber and take note of the trend. The population of Arunachal is very small in comparison to other states. Still now crimes can be controlled with better coordination between the police, the administration and the civil society. Policing will have to be really improved in the state. The modernization of the police force is due for long. The government should provide the latest gazettes to the state police to tackle the growing crime rate. Further, coordination between the police and the citizens should be improved. This can be done by more conversations between the police and civil society leaders. It is time everyone once again joined hands and reversed the trend of the growing incidents of crimes against women in the state.