West Siang celebrates Indigenous Faith Day with pomp and gaiety

AALO, Dec 2: The Indigenous Faith Day was observed with traditional pomp and gaiety and large participation of senior citizens here at the Gumin Kiin in West Siang district on 1 December last.

Senior citizen Minsi Ete stressed on the preservation and promotion of age-old faith and culture and exhorted the DPKG to infuse zeal and dynamism among the young generation who are responsible to protect it.

Senior citizen Ejum Karbak, Doi Ado and president IFCSAP Yayum Gangkak stressed on the participation of officers and public at large during such occasions to “make it a vibrant movement in the days to come.”

They said that “financial constraints have been a stumbling block in the process of preservation and documentation of our rich culture,” as they urged all to come forward and contribute generously.

A minute’s silence was observed as a mark of respect to late Omem Bayor and DRCHO Dr Kengo Ori, who were part of the Donyi Polo faith movement, and actively participated in social work.

The vice president and secretary of the DPKG West Siang appreciated the way the senior citizens donated mithuns for the celebration though it was a low-key celebration due to Covid-19.

Flag hoisting, mass prayer, release of IFCSAP calendar, audio album, etc marked the daylong celebration. (DIPRO)