Time to shake up PPA

Close on the heels of the JD (U) suspending its three MLAs for anti-party activities last month, the state’s lone regional party, the PPA on Thursday suspended its single MLA Kardo Nicyor. He has allegedly indulged in anti-party activities. It is believed that Nicyor is also on the verge of joining the ruling BJP. This is nothing new as in the past too the PPA has been used as a launching pad to join the ruling party by the MLAs. Many seek PPA tickets when they are denied tickets by mainstream parties and later join the ruling party.
During the Congress regime, too, such precedent took place. It is really unfortunate and sad that the lone regional party of the state continues to suffer such a fate. Perhaps the time has come for the PPA leadership also to introspect. Despite being a regional party, it has failed to attract voters and young generation politicians. The party is failing to develop emotional bonding with the people of the state. PPA leaders need to study the work culture of successful regional parties like the TRS, the Shiv Sena and parties like the NPP and the MNF. These parties continue to attract the voters with strong regional pitch. The PPA also needs to look at the leadership and go for a change if needed. Despite losing so many elections, there is no accountability. At a time when the people are uncomfortable with growing communal politics of the BJP and with the Congress in decline, the PPA has the potential to attract younger voters and young leaders. But for it the party has to really do deep introspection and go for large-scale change.