Heema Hospital introduces holmium laser lithotripsy

ITANAGAR, 13 Dec: Heema Hospital here has introduced holmium laser lithotripsy – a procedure that uses lasers to remove stones in the bladder, the kidneys, the ureters, or the urethra.

Heema Hospital is the only healthcare facility in Arunachal and among a few in the Northeast to offer such healthcare service.

Inaugurating the holmium laser device in the hospital on Sunday, Legislative Assembly Speaker Pasang D Sona said such advanced healthcare equipment would greatly benefit the people of the state. He urged the hospital management to make optimum use of modern technologies in treating patients.

Stating that doctors are next to god, the speaker called upon the doctors and healthcare workers to extend best possible services to the people “with humane touch.”

Heema Hospital CMD Dr Byabang Rana said the hospital is committed to offer better healthcare services to the people of the state and will procure more modern medical equipment in the days to come.

Urologist Dr Goto Gangkak briefed about the holmium laser lithotripsy procedure and how the device works.

“Holmium laser lithotripsy uses lasers to break stones that are located in the urinary tract, including bladder, kidneys, ureters, or urethra. A flexible laser fiber is inserted through a scope (camera) placed in the urinary tract via the urethra to break up the stones. The stone fragments are then removed with a small basket or other instruments. The procedure is done without any incisions,” Dr Gangkak said.

Medical Superintendent Dr Kesang W Thongdok appealed to the people to take advantage of the new technology, which involves a higher degree of efficiency and safety without cuts.

Present on the occasion, among others, were Toli Karga, Peka Yomcha, Nido Sakter and a host of dignitaries.

Earlier, the speaker along with other guests distributed fruits to the hospital’s indoor patients. [Speaker’s PR Cell]