JD (U) hopeful of IMC majority, Kaso asks young voters to participate

ITANAGAR, 17 Dec: North East Executive Council (NEEC) chairman of the Janata Dal (United), Senchumo NSN Lotha has claimed that the party will come to power in the Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC).

Addressing the press here after holding an election rally in support of state JD (U) president Ruhi Tagung here in Niti Vihar, he expressed confidence that the party will win enough seats to head the IMC.

“I am confident that the people of Itanagar will vote for us. In the recent Hyderabad municipal election the entire top BJP leadership, including Home Minister Amit Shah campaigned but they lost,” he said.

The chairman also said that even though JD (U) is part of the NDA, the political dynamics change based on local situations.

Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso, who was also campaigning for the JD (U) candidate, in his address urged people to participate in the election process.

“Participation in the election process is a celebration of democracy. Everyone, especially the younger generation should participate. Participation in elections help citizens to know more about the issues concerning society and state,” said Kaso.

He expressed concern over the culture of getting people elected unopposed and termed such moves as dangerous for democracy.

Kaso also said the JD (U) had wanted to fight elections along with the BJP in the state and in the IMC.

“The BJP and JD (U) are in alliance at the centre. We support the BJP here in the state too and the JD (U) was hoping to contest the IMC election in alliance. Even if five seats were provided to us, the party was ready to support the BJP,” he said.

Kaso also alleged that those in government job are being threatened with transfer and termination from their service if they participate in the election process.

“This is not good at all,” he added.

Further, Kaso appealed to the JD (U) workers not to indulge in any anti-social activities.

“Let us fight the election peacefully and there should not be any violence. Even if the opponent provokes, please maintain peace,” Kaso appealed.