YWS expresses anguish over Vijaynagar violence

ITANAGAR, 20 Dec: The Yobin Welfare Society (YWS) has expressed anguish over the arson and vandalization of government properties in Vijaynagar in Changlang district recently.

In a press release, the society said the incident has tarnished the image of the entire society.

“It was an unexpected, surprising incident, and the entire Yobin tribe bowed down with utter humility and shame for the disgruntled and desperate act of a few youths,” the YWS stated.

Issuing a clarification on the possible involvement of outside forces in the burning down of the office of the Special Bureau, the YWS said that, as per information gathered from the ground, it seems that the angry youths acted without understanding the consequences.

“In the heat of the moment, they targeted the only central government property, which unfortunately happened to be the only office which recruited the Yobin youths, for which the entire community regrets. We do not condone the act and the guilty youths must be punished in accordance with the law,” the YWS said.

It also stated that it was caught unawares by the unfortunate event and had never anticipated that the youths would take such extreme steps.

“In fact, the YWS had issued a show cause notice to the youths for giving ultimatum to the government, particularly after taking cognizance of the words ‘Will deal in local style’. Pending reply to the show cause notice, the tribe leaders had come down to Miao in connection with the panchayat election-related issues at the time of the incident,” it added.

Further, the YWS expressed gratitude to the district administration and the police for showing great sensitivity and restraint in handling the aftermath of the situation.

“The society leaders are doing their best to convince the youth leaders to surrender and face investigation. We also request the police to not harass and arrest innocent villagers or other students who had no role to play in the unfortunate incident,” the society said.

The YWS also made a passionate appeal to the people of Arunachal to try and understand their situation and how they have been marginalized in their own homeland with constant attempts to humiliate them by linking them with Burma by a section of the people.