Itanagar zoo reopens for public today

ITANAGAR, 22 Dec: The Itanagar Biological Park or Itanagar zoo, which remained closed since 21 March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will reopen for visitors from 23 December.

Accordingly, the zoo authority has come with some measures to ensure the safety of the visitors, animals and the zoo employees.

It will be compulsory for all visitors and zoo employees to wear facemasks and undergo thermal scanning at the entry gate. Any visitor with symptoms of cough, cold or fever will not be allowed to enter the zoo, a zoo official said in a release.

Senior citizens and persons with infants have been advised to avoid visiting the zoo.

“Visitors should maintain social distancing in the zoo premises and avoid touching barricades and other surfaces. They should move along the designated visitor paths only,” Biological Park Curator Raya Flago said.

A maximum of 20 visitors will be permitted in one group, and only five such groups will be allowed in a day.

“All visitors should pass through the medicated foot mat/whole body sanitizer or any such installations fixed at the zoo entrance. They should avoid carrying luggage, bags, etc, which need a locker/cloak room,” the release said.

Spitting, smoking and chewing of tobacco/tobacco products inside the zoo premises are also prohibited.

Sanitizers will be kept ready in all different utility areas. The zoo employees who frequently interact with visitors, such as the staffers at the entry gate, the ticket counter and the washroom, will wear face shields, gloves and masks.

Flago appealed to the visitors to strictly follow the guidelines, apart from maintaining the Covid-19 SOPs issued by the ministry of home affairs, the state government and the central zoo authority from time to time.