Fading Congress 

Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Nabam Tuki, recently, while talking to the press claimed that his party did not get enough time to prepare for the Panchayat and Municipal elections. He blamed lack of time and coercion on its potential candidates by the ruling BJP for the Congress’ poor performance in the elections. While there may be some truth to his claim, it is not entirely justified. The Congress has been performing poorly in the state. It did not win enough seats in the 2019 assembly election and failed to win Lok Sabha seats.

Even though the election was held just a few months after the state witnessed massive agitation against the state government’s decision to grant PRC to non-APSTs, the Congress failed to capitalize on it.

Even in the present, there is growing discontentment against the ruling BJP, but the Congress is failing to inspire citizens to vote for it.

In fact, regional parties like NPP and JD (U) are on the verge of replacing the Congress as the main challenger to the BJP in the state.

Just like their national leadership, which is rudderless and functioning without any proper vision, the same is being witnessed in the state. The Congress under the leadership of Nabam Tuki is failing to attract the young voters. Perhaps the time has come for the Congress to look into the leadership issue in the state.