Communist Party enters state’s politics

[Taba Ajum]

ITANAGAR, 8 Jan: For the first time in the state, the Communist Party is making entry into Arunachal’s political arena.

The All India Students’ Federation (AISF) – the student wing of the Communist Party of India (CPI) – will be holding its Arunachal Pradesh State Council foundation conference on 17 January here.

Speaking to this daily, the national president of the AISF Shuvam Banerjee informed that formation of the AISF state body is the first step.

“By March, the CPI state unit will be launched in Arunachal Pradesh. The Communist Party will put an end to the culture of constant change of political loyalty in the state. Only people deeply committed to the communist ideology will be part of the party. We will bring a positive change in the political scenario of Arunachal,” said Banerjee.

He also said that the AISF will form units in all the 25 districts within the next three months.

“The communists are committed to ideologically battling BJP/RSS in the state. The BJP uses money to buy leadership and cadres. We have no money but all the comrades of Arunachal will be true grassroots people representing real Arunachal,” he said.

He rubbished talks that communist parties making entry in a sensitive border state like Arunachal would have a bad impact.

“This kind of baseless rumour-mongering is being done by the BJP/RSS,” he said.

“The AISF and the Communist Party in general have been making sacrifices for the nation even before independence. The role of the communist cadres during the independence movement is well documented. The AISF is an 82-year-old organization. The RSS/BJP played no role during the independence movement. They have only caused destruction to the country by dividing people on religious lines and inciting communal riots,” added Banerjee.

Further, he claimed that even during the Chinese aggression, the CPI and the AISF stood up against China.

“Arunachal will get stronger and politics in the state will improve much once Communist Party enters the field,” he said.