BRO labourers seek benefits under workers board

TEZPUR, 9 Jan: The Border Roads Organization Labour Union, North East Region (BROLU-NE) has appealed to the Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB) to provide cash relief for BRO registered workers under the workers welfare board in Arunachal and help the poor workers in the pandemic period.

In a memorandum to the APB&OCWWB chairman, the BROLU on Saturday expressed resentment that during the start of the pandemic, the board had approved a cash relief amounting to Rs 2,000 per month for April and May last year.

“But the BRO workers registered under the board have been denied of the benefits considering them organized workers under central government, which is totally unjustified,” it stated.

Describing the plight of the workers under the BRO, the union said that while the BRO is treating them as unorganized workers and denying them their basic rights, the APB&OCWWB is denying the benefits under the workers board as organized workers.

The union said that thousands of labourers working under the BRO in the border and high-altitude areas of the state are not getting any benefits from the BRO like casual leave, medical leave and other benefits which have been provided by the state government to its workers.

Stating that the BRO is also paying huge amount to the workers board as labour cess every year, the union said that “denying the cash relief to BRO labourers by the workers board is not justified.”