MLA inaugurates meat/fish shed

AALO, 9 Jan: Aalo East MLA Kento Jini inaugurated a fish/meat market shed in Puse, near Puakgumin, on 8 January.

The land for the building has been leased from landowner Karsen Lollen of Dego Panya village.

The meat/fish shed located in the Aalo town market will now be shifted to the newly constructed shed.

“The establishment of the new shed is a step towards beautification of Aalo town, and various other such steps will be taken in the years to come,” Jini said.

He asked the UD & housing department to construct amenities like stores, toilets, a dumping site for disposal of animal waste, and parking spots for the vendors and customers.

The West Siang deputy commissioner, who was also present, stressed on maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the market shed, and urged all vendors to shift their meat/fish sale counters to the new location.

UD & Housing EE Hali Welly and AE Nyatum Bagra informed that the “long drawn effort to shift the meat/fish shed from the heart of the town to the outskirt has materialized after the inauguration.”

Heads of offices, members of the ATPWDS and others were present at the inauguration. (DIPRO)