‘Society thrives on the commitment and oneness among members’

AALO, 11 Jan: “Any society can thrive and prosper on the basis of commitment and oneness among the members to make it more vibrant and the onus has to be shifted to the young generation,” said West Siang Deputy Commissioner Moki Loyi while addressing the 21st foundation day of the Galo Welfare Society on 10 January last.

“The Galos have a rich past legacy in every field and what we need today is to motivate the youths to carry forward that rich traditional history. One should not dilute traditional rituals and beliefs in the name of modernization. Counting of genealogy among the Galo makes it quite unique and we need to preserve it for posterity,” he said.

Yomcha ADC Hento Karga and Aalo EAC Maryom Karlo also stressed on galvanizing thought patterns among the members.

Advisors GWS Doi Ado, Kento Ete, newly elected ZPMS Damli Niri, Higam Loyi Ango and Mari Kato dwelt on mushrooming of clan-based societies and stressed on awareness at all levels to ensure that the GWS continues to be the apex organization of the Galo community.

GWS secretary Duggum Ado and convenor Dr Kejom Padu sought the support of all members to take up awareness movements at the grass root level. (DIPRO)