Speaker lauds unique teaching-learning concept of Akshar Foundation-run school

GUWAHATI, 11 Jan: State Assembly Speaker PD Sona on Monday visited a school at Pamohi near Guwahati, Assam and commended the school managed by the Akshar Foundation for its unique teaching-learning concepts.

Akshar Foundation is a non-profit organization and runs the school which accepts plastic waste as school fees and imparts not just education but also vocational skills to its students.

Akshar’s model of education, which is recognised by the United Nations, helps students move through the curriculum based on their skill level, rather than their age.

The speaker, who arrived at Guwahati for the NERCPA Zone III conference took the time out to visit the unique institution, along with the Guwahati DRC and other officials.

Co-founder Mazin Mukhtar briefed Sona about the Akshar Foundation and its visions. He informed that Akshar’s vision is eradication of poverty through quality education. In addition to conventional schooling, the students learn how to earn a living, run a business, and maintain their environment, he added.

Lauding the yeoman services of Akshar Foundation through unique teaching learning concepts, the speaker urged them to explore more innovative ideas to help out the needy children.

Later, the speaker handed over gifts for the children.