Satellite images show Chinese building infrastructures in Arunachal

[ Amar Sangno ]

ITANAGAR, 18 Jan: Satellite images of Chinese infrastructures being constructed on the bank of the Lensi river (Tsari Chu in Tibetan) inside Arunachal in Upper Subansiri along line of actual control (LAC) are coming out.

NDTV reported: “China has constructed a new village in Arunachal Pradesh, consisting of about 101 homes, show satellite images accessed exclusively by NDTV. The same images, dated 1 November, 2020, have been analyzed by several experts approached by NDTV, who confirmed that the construction, approximately 4.5 kms within Indian territory of the de facto border, will be of huge concern to India.”

NDTV further reported that the latest image that establishes the village in question is dated 1 November, 2020. The image, dated a little more than a year before that – August 26, 2019 – does not show any construction activity. So, the village was set up last year.

According to local sources in Upper Subansiri, the satellite images indicate the Bisa area of the Lensi river in Limeking circle of Upper Subansiri district. Reportedly, the Lensi river is known as Tsari Chu in Tibet.

There are unverified images of a new Chinese powerhouse and its dam being constructed in Bisa area between the original Maja village of Limeking circle, which now falls under Chinese control along the LAC.

It is said the Indian Army has created Indian Maja village in its side. The Chinese government has constructed a new double-lane road to Maja village.

Speaking to The Arunachal Times over the phone, eastern Arunachal parliamentarian Tapir Gao said, “I have been raising this issue in Parliament over and over again. The government of India should take it serious note.”

This daily sent queries to the Indian Army public relations officer; however, we are yet to get any response.

The Indian government has never officially acknowledged, but continues to deny having lost any inch of its territory to the PLA over the years.

The government prohibits its civilians from visiting border areas along the LAC, citing security reasons, except for Kaho in Anjaw district.

In a statement, the ministry of external affairs said that India has been keeping constant watch on all developments having a bearing on India’s security and has stepped up border infrastructure, including the construction of roads and bridges.

“We have seen recent reports on China undertaking construction work along the border areas with India. China has undertaken such infrastructure construction activity in the past several years,” the MEA said.

“In response, our government too has stepped up border infrastructure, including the construction of roads, bridges, etc, which has provided much-needed connectivity to the local population along the border,” the statement said.

Further, the MEA said, “The government remains committed to the objective of creating infrastructure along the border areas for the improvement of livelihood of its citizens, including in Arunachal Pradesh.”

It also said the government “keeps a constant watch on all developments having a bearing on India’s security, and takes all the necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”