NESO condemns construction of Chinese village in Arunachal, questions silence of GoI, MPs

ITANAGAR, 21 Jan: The North East Students’ Organization (NESO) on Thursday said it has taken serious view of the recent news reports pertaining to the construction of a settlement in Upper Subansiri district by China.

“The off-repeated and illogical claims made by the Chinese government, followed by misadventures along the line of actual control (LAC) is totally uncalled for and the NESO strongly condemns the nefarious acts of the Chinese for breaching peace and tranquility along the border,” the organization stated in a release.

“It has been observed that the government of India, as well as the MPs and leaders, irrespective of political affiliation are very quick in their response to any misadventures on the Indo-Pak border. However, even when there are large-scale incursions along the LAC, there is eerie silence from the government as well as the opposition MPs.

“Such dual standards over the years have been far more damaging and are bound to have serious ramifications,” the NESO added.

NESO coordinator Pritam Sonam urged union minister and MP from Arunachal West, Kiren Rijiju to take up the sensitive border issue without any bias and apolitically.

“I would like to remind the honorable minister that during his first stint as an MP, he had become the poster boy of his party when he strongly raised the issue of Chinese incursions both inside and outside the parliament. Unnecessary politics on the issue should be avoided by everyone including the honorable minister,” Sonam added.

He said, “The Chinese should not be given bargaining point along the LAC and the construction of permanent structures by the Chinese inside our territory gives them exactly that. If those structures are indeed within our territory, necessary steps for their removal should be undertaken. Since 1962, there has been continuous breach along the Arunachal Pradesh part of the LAC by the PLA. However, no concrete steps have been taken by the successive governments. The government of India should strongly pursue the matter at all levels, so that there is a complete end to such antics displayed by the Chinese government.”

He stated that, despite over 73 years of independence, a larger part of Arunachal is still bereft of proper development in real sense of the term. “There is an urgent need for ramping up important infrastructure projects, more particularly roads and communication in all the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh,” added Sonam.

NESO organizing secretary Marge Riba called for developing a permanent mechanism to counter Chinese designs along the LAC. “Government of India should ensure strict adherence to the LAC at all times. Repeated Chinese claims on Arunachal Pradesh are not tolerable and the sentiments of the locals should not be undermined. Repeated illogical claims by the Chinese have deprived Arunachal Pradesh of important infrastructure projects under international agencies,” he said.

Questioning the silence of the North East MPs’ Forum on the issue, he urged the MPs from the region to rise above political affiliations and collectively take up the matter.

“The forum should not sit idle when the borders in the region are repeatedly disturbed by external state actors,” he added.