NCP questions Centre on report about China building village in Arunachal

MUMBAI, 22 Jan: The NCP on Friday targeted the Centre over the media reports about China building a village in Arunachal, and asked sarcastically whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi was implementing a special housing scheme for the neighbouring country.

Maharashtra NCP chief spokesperson Mahesh Tapase said the Centre will have to give an explanation on the issue.

“China has already infiltrated Ladakh. Now, it has built a village of 101 homes in India’s Arunachal Pradesh,” Tapase said, citing media reports.

The NCP leader questioned how come one did not notice China’s reported construction of homes in Indian territory.

“And in case one did, why was no action taken then?” he asked.

“Is Prime Minister Modi implementing a special housing scheme for China? The Centre will have to give an explanation on the issue,” Tapase said.

In a cautious reaction to a report that China has built a village in Arunachal, India on Monday said it keeps a constant watch on all developments having a bearing on the country’s security, and takes necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The report about China setting up a new village in Arunachal comes amid a military standoff in eastern Ladakh for over eight months. (PTI)