‘Empower lokayukta in state’

ITANAGAR, 3 Feb: The state unit of Anna Samarthak has strongly urged the state government to take urgent steps to empower the lokayukta in the state and enable it to carry out its duties as an anti-corruption ombudsman organization.

In a memorandum addressed to the chief minister, the state unit of Anna Samarthak on Wednesday claimed that the lokayukta office located at the banquet hall here is still defunct, “even after many months since its establishment on 27 June, 2019.”

“The chairman of the lokayukta stated that they have submitted the draft for rules and regulations and are waiting for the state assembly to pass it. The state unit of Anna Samarthak has fought for the implementation of lokayukta in our state since 2019 and we were relieved and grateful when finally it was officially founded. But since the establishment of the lokayukta, it has not been able to take up its role as the state government has yet to pass the draft for it,” it stated.