Congress’ social media initiative

The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee launched the ‘Join Congress Social Media’ campaign in the state on Friday as part of the All India Congress Committee’s (AICC) initiative.

The Congress says that the initiative is to provide a platform to the people to raise their voices and counter the government’s propaganda through social media by mobilizing at least five-lakh social media warriors.

The number seems a bit ambitious for a party that has lost its base.

On the other hand, the BJP has effectively used social media. Right from the prime minister to the chief ministers to an ordinary karyakarta, everyone in the BJP is a social media warrior. They aggressively use social media to propagate the BJP’s agenda.

For Congress to counter BJP, it really has to work hard.

In Arunachal it is going to be difficult as the Congress’ presence is hardly felt. It has failed its role as the opposition party by not speaking up. Hardly has it raised a question at the BJP. It has not asked any questions related to the BJP’s policies in the state.

Therefore, it is not difficult to assume that the social media campaign will be a failure even before it has taken off in the state.