Itanagar’s garbage

Itanagar Mayor Tame Phassang, while flagging off a ‘Swachhta Vaahan’- a vehicle for information, education and communication, said that the vehicle was to create awareness among the denizens for clean and green Itanagar.

Garbage is a huge problem in the capital region and it is no surprise that it got the tag of the 7th dirtiest city of India.

Everybody knows where the problem is but nobody seems to be looking for a solution other than pointing out the problem and giving bombastic statements on how Itanagar should get rid of its dirtiest city tag.

The IMC must start a campaign on garbage segregation at the source. Garbage is not sorted, which means all kinds of garbage are strewn all over the town. The IMC is yet to notify pick-up points for residents, which means that garbage is thrown at every possible place. Timing should be fixed for every sector. Garbage pickup trucks come at their own time, which means many working people miss out, leading to littering.

Funds cannot be an excuse for inefficiency.

While the IMC alone cannot sort the garbage issue, but at the same time it should at least make sure that trucks pick up garbage on time.

Another major reason why Itanagar remains dirty is because of the lack of proper disposal measure. The landfill is not only going to be detrimental in the long run environmentally, improper disposal means that garbage comes back to the town in various forms.

The IMC should get down to work. Statements can wait for a while.