41st annual Ali Aye Ligang festival celebrated

ITANAGAR, 17 Feb: The 41st annual Ali Aye Ligang festival of the Mising community is being celebrated at the Zoo Road here from 17 February and will last for two days.

The festival is celebrated by the Mising community for better harvest and prosperity of mankind. It is usually celebrated in the month of February on a Wednesday, which is considered to be a sacred day.

The guests prayed to almighty Karsing Kartag (Heavenly Bodies) Sedi Melo (creator) and offered local beer, rice, egg, ginger and seedlings for good agricultural yield and prosperous life, followed by an Unsori party.

The programme was attended by local MLA Techi Kaso, Ward No.1 Corporator Lokam Anand, besides members of the Adi Mising Bane Kebang.

During the daylong programme, many artists from Assam and Arunachal performed various traditional dances and songs.