APSU reminds CM of demands

ITANAGAR, 23 Feb: The All Puroik Students’ Union (APSU) on Tuesday reminded the chief minister of its demand for appointment of an eligible and qualified person belonging to the Puroik community as the chairman of the Autonomous Puroik Welfare Board (APWB).

In a representation to the CM, the union expressed disappointment over the recent order issued by the state government with regard to the appointment of the board’s chairman, which it said “is totally against the demand of the union.”

Expressing resentment over the government’s alleged “non-responsive attitude” towards its demands, which were submitted in the form of a memorandum in October, 2020, the union said there has been no communication from the state government till date regarding reshuffling of the new chairman, vice chairman and board members of the APWB.

The union appealed to the chief minister to raise the issue in the zero hour of the upcoming budget session.

It also demanded amendment/modification of the rules and regulations of the APWB, pertaining to salaries and other allowances of the chairman, the vice chairman and members, and “provisioning the board for sufficient additional funds to carry out developmental and welfare activities for the Puroik community.”