Woman dies in fire accident

ITANAGAR, 27 Feb: A woman was charred to death in a fire accident that occurred at 5:30 am on Saturday in F&G Sector here.

The victim has been identified as 40-year-old Giogi Yager.

The accident also left her husband, Giogi Tanu, with about 15 percent burn injuries, and he has been referred to a hospital outside the state for further treatment.

Speaking to reporters, Fire Station Officer KT Gambo informed that the fire might have spread from the hearth of the thatched house itself. He informed that the victim and other members of the family were having a Nyokum festival celebration till about 4 am of Saturday morning.

Gambo further informed that the fire service couldn’t save the house and its belongings from getting burnt completely because there was no approach road to the house for fire tenders, and the lane leading to the area is also very narrow.

“We, however, managed to contain the fire from spreading to other residences,” he added.