Awareness meet on HIV/AIDS held

KOLORIANG, 8 Mar: The Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) conducted an awareness meeting on HIV/AIDS and substance abuse at the government higher secondary school here in Kurung Kumey district on Monday.

Addressing the participants, APSACS Deputy Director (IEC) Tashor Pali informed that HIV/AIDS, unlike other diseases, does not have a definite cure or a vaccine. “Knowledge is the only vaccine against it,” he said.

He highlighted the four routes of HIV transmission and how they can be prevented, and cleared myths and misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS.

“Substance abuse is the self-administration of a drug for non-medical reasons, in quantities and frequencies which may impair an individual’s ability to function effectively, and which may result in social, physical or emotional harm,” he said.

Highlighting the role of teachers in preventing and controlling drug abuse, Pali said that a teacher should talk openly with the students and discuss the dangers of drugs.

Social worker Chello Kayang advised the students to lead a disciplined life and respect their teachers. “Teachers and parents are the visible gods of us. They are the people who shape our lives; therefore we should always follow their advice,” he added.

Freelance journalist Tadu Gumbo encouraged the students to take part in such programmes. “Life is a learning process; we should be ready to grasp knowledge anytime in our lives,” he said.

The school’s Vice Principal Rime also spoke.