Govin appointed president of NESKC

ITANAGAR, 14 Mar: Kudo International Federation India (KIFI) Association president Shihan Mehul Vora has appointed Charu Govin as the president of the North East States Kudo Council (NESKC) to promote and popularize the sport in the region.

The KIFI Association is headed by Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar as its chairman.

Govin said that the KIFI Association has assured every possible help to promote kudo sports in the Northeast.

“KIFI Association president Shihan Mehul Vora has assured to conduct national level games in the state in the days to come, and even the Akshay Kumar International Tournament can be held in the future if the sport gets good response in the state,” the NESKC president said.

He informed that the KIFI Association will sponsor a male and a female national kudo gold medallist each for further training in Thailand.

The KIFI Association has also appointed Hura Gambo Tarh as the NESKC general secretary.