Libang inspects CHC, de-addiction centre

LONGDING, 14 Mar: Health Minister Alo Libang, who is on a tour of Longding district to check the health facilities, on Sunday visited the community health centre (CHC), the drug de-addiction centre and the under-construction district hospital here.

During his visit to the CHC in Kanubari, Libang interacted with the district medical officer (DMO) and the medical staff.

DMO Dr W Taku stressed on the need for a new building for an operation theatre (OT) in the CHC. He said that the department is short of funds for the construction of the building, adding that most of the health sub-centres in Kanubari circle are not functional.

Dr Taku requested the minister to look into the issue. He informed that, while cases of malaria in the circle have decreased, cases of TB have increased.

Libang assured to have the sub-centre upgraded, but only when it is feasible for the patients.

“The health department will only upgrade those public health centres (PHC) and CHCs which are feasible and in use for the public,” Libang said, and requested the DMO to “halt the idea of construction of a new OT building as of now.”

Later, the minister visited the drug de-addiction centre, the CHC and the district hospital here.

Libang informed that the district hospital is being constructed as per the plan and the work is on in full swing. He also said that the construction work on the drug de-addiction centre is expected to be completed by April.

The minister was accompanied by Kanubari MLA Gabriel D Wangsu, Longding-Pumao MLA Tanpho Wangnaw, and others. He is scheduled to visit the PHCs in Noknu and Pongchau on Monday.