Airgun surrender prog organized

RENGGING, 23 Mar: Six people surrendered their airguns during an ‘airgun surrender programme’ organized by the forest department at Rengging village in East Siang district on Tuesday.

Obang Tamuk, Kalu Darang, Tagong Darang, Nanu Darang, Tajong Nonang and Maglek Darang surrendered their airguns in the presence of DFO (T) Tasi Mize, NGO Nature Trust of Abor Hill’s chairman Talut Siram and SHG members of the village.

The DFO said that similar programmes are being organized at the grassroots level in other parts of the district. He spoke on the need for the community members to conserve and protect their flora and fauna.

“Protection of wildlife and natural ecology will also help boost tourism potential of Rennging village, which can be one of the tourist hotspots of East Siang,” he said.

Siram, who has been working for wildlife protection and conservation for the last nine years, commended the village’s residents for supporting the programme. He appealed to all to spread the message of wildlife protection. He also commended the women SHG of Rengging “for coming forward in conserving nature and assisting in organizing the airgun surrender programme.” (DIPRO)