AMD carrying out uranium exploration in Arunachal

HYDERABAD, 23 Mar: Uranium exploration has been taken up in Arunachal by the Atomic Minerals Directorate (AMD) for Exploration and Research.

The AMD is a constituent unit of the department of atomic energy (DAE).

“AMD is carrying out detailed geological investigations for uranium in parts of Arunachal Pradesh,” AMD Director DK Sinha told PTI in an email response.

Uranium is used as fuel in nuclear reactors.

Sinha was responding to reports about AMD taking up

 uranium exploration in the northeastern state, near the India-China border.

According to another report published in the Times of India recently, the exploration was taken up in West Siang HQ Aalo, about 619 metres from ground level.

As per the report, Sinha, who went to the farthest village on the Indian side of the border, Mechuka valley, said the exploration for uranium yielded positive results and further activity would continue.

The AMD has a mandate to identify and evaluate mineral resources of uranium, thorium, zirconium, titanium and others, and rare earths containing uranium and thorium in potential geological domains of the country, Sinha said.

For implementing its mandate to identify and evaluate uranium resources, the AMD takes up investigations across the country from regional exploration and research centres located in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Jamshedpur, Shillong, Jaipur, Nagpur and Hyderabad. (PTI)