Yoga diploma holders will be eligible to apply for yoga teachers’ job: Libang

PASIGHAT, 28 Mar: Health Minister Alo Libang said that yoga diploma holders will be allowed to apply for the job of yoga teachers “in the newly introduced holistic curriculum.”

Libang, who attended the graduation ceremony of a yoga teachers’ training camp at Seva Bhavan here in East Siang district on Sunday, spoke on the benefits of practicing yoga for both body and mind.

“Yoga is beneficial for both body and mind, and it should be practiced by all citizens,” he said.

The minister commended Pasighat-based NGO Siang Trust for organizing the yoga training camp.

Sixteen candidates from different districts, including four men and 12 women took part in the training camp.

All the successful candidates were awarded diploma in yoga education from Nashik (Maharashtra)-based Yoga Vidya Gurukul.

MLA Kaling Moyong, Siang Trust president Dr Onik Moyong, vice president Mohonto Panging Pao and secretary Kingman Komut also spoke.

The training was organized in collaboration with the Yoga Gurukul Nashik and Yoga Gurukul Assam.