Sona encourages labourers to register with APB&OCWWB

MECHUKHA, 28 Mar: Legislative Assembly Speaker Pasang D Sona on Sunday called upon the labourers working under various departments and agencies to get themselves registered with the Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB) to avail several benefits.

Sona was addressing a ‘mega awareness camp-cum-free medical camp’ organized by the board here in Shi-Yomi district.

Lauding APB&OCWWB Chairman Nyato Dukam and his team of officers and officials for reaching out to the labourers in remote Shi-Yomi district, the speaker expressed hope that the awareness camp would be beneficial for the needy labourers.

Expressing happiness over the huge participation of labourers from every nook and corner of the district, Sona told them that, in order to avail various benefits of the board, they need to get themselves registered.

As an encouragement to the labourers to register themselves, the speaker announced to bear 50 percent of the registration fees, and instructed the labour officer to do the needful.

The speaker also encouraged the labourers to avail the benefit of the medical camp.

Dukam informed that “Shi-Yomi, being one of the newest districts, was selected for the awareness camp.”

Stating that various benefits of the board have not been reaching the labourers of Shi-Yomi due to absence of officials in the district, the chairman informed that very soon a registering officer along with supporting staff will be posted in the district to help out the labourers.

He, however, emphasized that every labourer must get themselves registered with the board to avail those benefits.

“I came here personally not only to create awareness but to ensure that every labourer gets their rights,” Dukam said.

Highlighting several benefits that the board extends to the registered labourers, the chairman told them to register themselves and claim their rights.

More than 800 labourers were given blankets, water filters, etc, on the occasion.

Later, the speaker and the chairman inaugurated the medical camp organized as part of the board’s programme. (Speaker’s PR Cell)