Gov appeals to people to get vaccinated

ITANAGAR, 11 Apr: Governor BD Mishra has appealed to the people of the state to get themselves vaccinated against Covid-19 at the earliest at the vaccination booths.

He called upon all the citizens who are 45 years of age and above to go for vaccination during the ‘vaccination festival’ which is being held from 11-14 April.

The governor also advised the people to maintain the Covid-19 pandemic protocols even after vaccination.

In view of the recent spike in Covid-19 positive cases in the country and in the state, Mishra said, “The yearlong battle against the pandemic has led to fatigue and looseness in the system. We need to tighten and strengthen our effort in implementing the Covid-19 pandemic protocols,” he said.

Commending the health department for creating awareness about the vaccination, the governor said that “it is due to the dedicated, sincere and proactive effort of the frontline workers, particularly the medical officers, nurses and paramedics posted in urban and rural areas that large numbers of people are coming forward for the Covid-19 vaccination.” (Raj Bhavan)