Where is the startup fund?

I would like to highlight some major issues regarding Start Up Arunachal and Deen Dayal Upadhyay Swalamban Yojana.
I am one of the candidates who got selected for the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Swalamban Yojana (2020). As it was a very big achievement for me, I positively waited for the allocation of funds. But when I enquired with the bank manager to start my business, they outright refused to pay, as the Arunachal government didn’t allocate any funds for us till date.
Fast forward past February 2021, we had the first ever Start Up Arunachal competition and I am among the selected candidates.
We were to receive monetary support and incubation from concerned department on 20th February, 2021, but again, to our misfortune, according to the Finance and Planning Department of Arunachal Pradesh they haven’t received any fund to date.
Now we are in a dilemma whether all these yojanas and schemes boasted in budget sessions are only stunts.
I, along with selected candidates, request the Arunachal government to kindly look into the matter as we are trying to encourage our parents and youths to look far beyond government jobs and have the courage to venture into new fields unknown to us with your support.