Hospital botches up Covid report

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 2 May: The Itafort hospital here botched a Covid-19 report by marking a positive result as negative.

The sample for RT-PCR test was collected on 29 April and sent to the state Covid-19 lab in TRIHMS. The lab result clearly stated the sample as being positive. But on 30 April, the Itafort hospital sent out a result signed by the medical officer, which stated that the test result was negative.

It took some 24 hours for the hospital to realize the mistake.

The next morning, the parents got a call from the hospital, saying that the result was positive.

Speaking to this daily, a relative said that she had gone to collect the result and had crosschecked with the hospital to be sure.

“It is mentally traumatizing for the minor patient who was already in isolation for 10 days after coming in direct contact with a positive person,” a relative said.

The minor is asymptomatic and in isolation at home along with other family members who came in contact with him.

On 30 April, the Itafort hospital had dealt with just two results, one of which it marked incorrectly, exposing the entire family to the virus.

The family plans to go to the police, so that such negligence does not recur.