Implementation of old pension scheme sought

ITANAGAR, 3 May: The state unit of the National Movement for Old Pension Scheme (NMOPS) on Monday reiterated its demand for conversion of the new pension scheme to the old pension scheme.

In a representation to the chief minister, it said that government employees who were appointed in various posts on or after 1 January, 2004 are not eligible for the old pension scheme and are forced to opt for the new pension scheme.

“But the interest of the government employees has been curtailed by the government by not granting any pension after their

 retirement, even after giving their whole life for the development of the state,” the NMOPS said.

Stating that the family members of government employees will not get any financial benefit/pension under the new pension scheme, it said that the old pension scheme should be implemented in the state, “so that all retired employees or their family members can obtain pension/financial benefit.”

It said it is clear that there is guaranteed benefit for the employees and their nominees in the old pension scheme and “there is nothing good for the employee in the new pension scheme.”

The NMOPS appealed to the chief minister to consider its request to implement the old pension scheme, “so that the age-old practice of obtaining pension by the kith and kin of the government employees could be maintained and obliged.”

It said it would otherwise be compelled to “start unconditional democratic movement to meet our legitimate demands.”