Stop free grazing of cattle or face penalty: ADC

[ Pisi Zauing ]

MIAO, 6 May: Miao ADC Sunny K Singh has initiated stringent measures to put a permanent halt on free grazing of cattle, prevalent in most parts of Miao subdivision of Changlang district.

In an executive order, the ADC on Thursday said that “free and unrestrained movement and grazing of private cattle bring about considerable damage to standing crops/private property of individuals and may also result in the spread of zoonotic diseases like plague, brucellosis, lyme disease, zoonotic influenza, etc, which endangers the population.”

“It may also cause accidents and inconvenience to the road users and jeopardize their safety,” the order read.

The executive order directed all the cattle owners to “restrict the movement of their private cattle to the confines of community grazing by fastening them with the help of ropes and wooden logs to limit their area of reach.”

The GBs have been asked to apprise all the cattle owners of the order.

“Anyone found acting in contrary will be penalized as per the relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code and other acts,” the order read.