IMC starts sanitization

ITANAGAR, 19 May: Mayor of Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Tame Phassang has informed that the IMC has started the sanitization of all the banks of the Itanagar capital region.

Addressing the press here on Wednesday, Phassang said “the IMC sanitizes the police nakas and pickets on a regular basis.”

He also urged people not to venture out and stay at home during the lockdown period.

“Cases are rising across the NE region, including in Arunachal. However, the situation is grim in Assam, which is the gateway to NE region. This new variant is very dangerous. Everyone will have to fight together against Covid-19,” he said.

The mayor also expressed serious concern over reports of children going out in the streets.

“Don’t let the children step out of home. Anyone doing so is committing a mistake,” he said.