Inquiry ordered after malnourished child dies of Covid-19


PASIGHAT, 31 May: After the shocking death of a malnourished child from Covid-19 on 29 May, an official inquiry has been ordered, which is likely to start soon.

The one-year-and-four-months-old child from Adi Pasi village in Mariyang in Upper Siang district had been admitted to the dedicated Covid hospital in Pasighat. She died of Covid complications in the hospital in the early morning of 29 May.

The district health department reported that she was suffering from acute malnutrition and moderate anaemia and died of severe pneumonia caused by Covid-19 infection.

The death is concerning as the state is supposed to provide adequate supplementary food through the social welfare department to pregnant/lactating mothers and children.

According to information, the WCD director has ordered the Upper Siang deputy director to conduct an inquiry into the child’s death.

Confirming the director’s inquiry order, the district’s WCD Deputy Director, Arti Tayeng said that she has already entrusted the child development project officer (CDPO) of the Mariyang ICDS project with the task of inquiring, with a direction to ascertain the fact about the reported malnourishment of the deceased baby.

When contacted, Mariyang CDPO Ine Pertin said that she has been entrusted to conduct a ground inquiry and submit the report in this regard.

“It will take at least two more days to complete the inquiry,” the CDPO, who is in Mariyang, said on Monday.