SHGs demand punishmentfor cattle smugglers

[ Litem Eshi Ori ]

RUKSIN, 31 May: Members of several SHGs here in East Siang district submitted a petition to the OC of the police station here, demanding that the cattle smugglers who were arrested recently not be granted bail.

The SHGs also demanded that the cattle smugglers who are on the run be arrested.

Earlier, the police arrested two cattle smugglers, and a case (No 7/21, u/s 379/511/34 IPC) has been registered at the police station. More smugglers are on the run, said police sources, adding that local people are also involved in cattle smuggling.

“We are solely depending on our cattle for our livelihood and source of income, and smugglers have caused us immense misery, losses and pain,” the petition read.