APWWS raises concern on involvement of IRBn personnel in drug dealing

ITANAGAR, 2 Jun: The Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) has expressed concern at the involvement of two IRBn personnel in drug dealing.

The Assam Police had arrested the two for alleged possession of heroin and peddling.

“Men in uniform involved in such an act is the saddest part and it sends out a wrong message. Mandatory drug test is the need of the hour,” it said in a statement.

 It appreciated the state police for its strong action against drug abuse and peddling in the state.

“Police forces are working hard and have caught huge quantities of drugs and arrested peddlers from the Capital Complex and various part of the state, which is worthy of appreciation,” it said.

The APWWS wholehearted appreciated the state government and police department for launching an intensive operation against drug abuse and peddling, which it said, “is killing our younger generations and have ruined many families.”

It further welcomed the state government’s recent decision to take stringent action against the erring employees after giving one-time opportunity to report themselves.

“If the state government can draw up some mechanism, including mandatory drug testing prior to joining government jobs, and earmark sufficient budget to create extensive awareness in schools and colleges and rehabilitation, it will help in curbing the menace,” the society said.

“It is seen that many families are struggling with the rehabilitation of their children who are affected by drugs,” the APWWS added.