Mogto circle sees maximum vaccination coverage of 45+ group

TAWANG, 3 Jun: Mogto has become the first circle in Tawang district to ensure maximum coverage with the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination for those in the 45 plus age group by the evening of 2 June.

Mogto CO Dorjee Wangchu informed that a team of the Mogto PHC and the circle administration went from door to door to convince the people to get vaccinated, “since many of them were not turning up for vaccination at vaccination site because of being engaged in farming and yak rearing at remote herds.”

The CO informed that only one person in Khyed village and two persons in Mogto village could not be inoculated “due to refusal and medical reasons.” All the remaining persons in the 45+ age group in Mogto have been given the first dose of the vaccination, he said.

As per the data provided by Mogto PHC MO Dr Jiarul Haque, a total of 614 persons in the 45 plus age group have been inoculated with the first dose of Covishield vaccine, and 295 out of them have been given the final dose of vaccination. (DIPRO)