Transport secy inspects flooded ISBT, ISTT

ITANAGAR, 3 Jun: Transport Secretary Dani Salu on Thursday visited the interstate bus terminal (ISBT) and the interstate truck terminal (ISTT) after receiving reports of flooding at the terminals.

After assessing both, the secretary told the media that earth-cutting on the other side of the highway is causing massive damage to the ISBT and the ISTT.

He also informed that a project to improve the drainage system at the ISBT will soon be taken up.

“Rs 4 crore 75 lakhs have been kept for it. The UD is the executing agency, and tender has already been floated. After lockdown, it will be opened, and hopefully work will start soon,” said Salu. However, he added that unless reckless earth-cutting is regulated, the ISBT and the ISTT would continue to face problems.

“Nearby drains get blocked due to earth-cutting; this results in flooding and mudslide,” he said.

The secretary further said that the ISTT is being used for Covid-19-related activities and therefore has not been made fully functional.

“Once Covid-19 subsides and normal life resumes, the ISTT will become fully functional. Both the ISTT and the ISBT are immensely important infrastructure projects of the state,” said Salu.