Stop VIP racism

Even as the state and the Itanagar capital region (ICR) are still in partial lockdown, the state BJP organized a large event on Thursday for the inauguration of its new office.

Reportedly, more than 100 people gathered for the event which some central BJP leaders from Delhi also joined. At present, large-scale gathering is banned in the ICR. There is a restriction on the movement of people too after 3 pm. The number of Covid-19 cases continues to be higher in the ICR. In the midst of all of this, it was wrong on the part of the BJP to organize such an event.

They should have either postponed the event or kept the programme low-profile. It was kind of a show of strength as top BJP leaders, including Chief Minister Pema Khandu, Deputy CM Chowna Mein, union minister Kiren Rijiju, MPs Tapir Gao and Nabam Rebia and several ministers and MLAs attended the event. The citizens took to social media and expressed their resentment against the event very clearly. The capital administration has been strictly implementing the partial lockdown measures. If the law is strongly implemented for the common citizens, it should be applied in the same manner for the VIPs. This kind of discrimination is not good for the state. In a tribal state like ours, where equality is fiercely protected, the citizens will not tolerate such kind of VIP racism.