100% vaccination of 45+ group in 19 villages of Lower Subansiri

ZIRO, 13 Jun: All the people in the 45+ age group in 19 villages in Lower Subansiri district have been vaccinated, thanks to the intensified efforts by the district administration led by DC Somcha Lowang, the health department led by DMO Dr Tage Kano and the panchayat members.

The villages and areas where cent percent vaccination has been achieved are Old Yazali, Kel Yazali, Yoizath, Rush, Amgi, Old Pitapool, Chod, Pitapool Colony,  Chullyu, NEEPCO Colony and Lichlith under the Yazali CHC, and Forest Area, Lumri 1, Lumri 2, Khore Putu, BDO Complex, Delli Hapa and Mai Camp under the Yachuli PHC.

While the vaccination coverage in the villages and areas falling under the Yazali CHC was cent percent, it was 94.7 percent (of the total 575, as per headcount) under the Yachuli PHC.

The high vaccination rate in these villages and areas was made possible due to the combined efforts of Yazali CHC MO Dr Tao Tasser, Yazali CO Tashi Wangchuk Thungon, Yachuli PHC MO Dr Tana Tat and the panchayat members of the areas.

Dr Tat expressed confidence that 100 percent vaccination coverage under the Yachuli PHC can be achieved in the coming week.

“Under Gyati Takka General Hospital, Taderko sub-centre in Upper Yachuli and Ekhataya under PHC Deed also achieved 100 percent vaccination coverage,” he said.

It is worth mentioning here that the ASHAs and the anganwadi workers have been core members of the vaccination teams.

Right from carrying out door-to-door headcount of the beneficiaries to assisting the district administration in convincing “refusal cases,” the contribution of these two village level health workers have been immense and indispensable.

The district also witnessed unprecedented cooperation from the ZPMs and the PRI members to the vaccination teams and the contact tracing teams. Food, refreshments and POL items for the vaccination teams were borne by the ZPMs of the areas where the vaccination outreach sessions were held. (DIPRO)