Cremation-cum-burial ground gets shed; CGI sheets handed over to Deepak Nabam Living Home

ITANAGAR, 13 Jun: The cremation-cum-burial ground in Chimpu finally has a shed for cremation with Itanagar Capital Region Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom taking the initiative to build a better facility there.

The administration has acknowledged the contribution of Corporator Lokam Anand and his team, who provided the manpower for the construction of the shed. The electrical department’s capital division also provided four poles for erecting the shed.

EAC Datum Gadi informed that  “social-minded Samaritans have also contributed voluntarily for the purpose, like Uttam Roy, who runs PA fabrication shop in Chandranagar, and who arranged materials and workers for the construction, and Sangge Droma, who

through her fundraising campaign arranged donors for the purpose.”

Also, on 12 June, the district administration led by Potom handed over CGI sheets to Deepak Nabam Living Home for renovation of its dinning hall, which was completely damaged by a massive landslide that had occurred on 6 June. (DIPRO)