KVK experts visit villages in Namsai

NAMSAI, 16 Jun: A team of KVK scientists recently visited different villages of Namsai district to find out the problems associated with farming activities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The team mainly visited the villages where the KVK is running different projects and has its demonstration units.

During the visit, it was found that there were some suspected cases of FMD and fowl pox in a few villages of the district. These diseases affect cattle, goats and chickens.

The scientist advised the villagers to “go for immediate vaccination against the disease along with other fatal diseases like ranikhet, duck plague and swine fever,” according to a release from the Namsai KVK.

Vegetables, maize seeds and planting materials were distributed among the needy farmers. The KVK also introduced a new variety of rice, Swarna Sub-1, for the flood-prone areas. “This variety is capable to sustain upto 15 days underwater,” the KVK said.