An open letter on defective selection process

I am writing this letter to the authority concerned who is responsible for framing of the methods of selection in exams conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC).
Recently, the APPSC advertised some posts of assistant engineer (AE) for civil, electrical, mechanical, electronics, etc, branches. We can see in the advertisements that there is a big difference in the method of selection of AE (civil) and AE (electrical/mechanical/electronics, etc).
I would like the APPSC and the authority concerned to look into the defective method of selection of AE (civil). In the current method, one has to give more importance to English and general knowledge (GK) papers, rather than the technical paper, despite the post being technical. In the past, there have been instances where a candidate did not get selected even after scoring high marks in the technical paper because he scored less in English and GK papers. On the other hand, some candidates got selected even after scoring just pass mark in technical paper because their English and GK scores were so high. It is known that in competitive examinations even 0.1 mark makes a huge difference.
Now are we recruiting candidates based on their English proficiency and wide knowledge of GK for an engineering post? Should not the knowledge of technical subjects be given more importance? How is it that the method of selection for the same post be different for different engineering branches? Why can’t it be the same?
In other exams like general duty medical officer (GDMO), there are no English or GK papers, except concerned subjects. At the least English and GK papers can be made of qualifying nature and focus more on technical subjects, not just in the case of AE (civil) but all technical posts.
So, I would like to sincerely request the APPSC to amend the method of selection of AE (civil) and conduct the recruitment of the recently advertised posts of AE (civil) as per amended method of selection in the best interest of the aspirants please.
An aspirant