Coordinate in fight against drugs: DC

LONGDING, 28 Jun: Longding DC Bani Lego on Monday called for fighting the drugs menace in the district in a coordinated manner.

Addressing a meeting with representatives of the Wancho Cultural Society, the Child Welfare Committee, the Wacho Council and the Wancho Students’ Union, the DC said that “drug abuse not just has economic, physical and psychological impact on individuals but also reduces the productivity of the human resource of the society, which impacts the society at large negatively.”

Longding Police Station OC J Wangsa informed that the police are waging a war against drugs and following a “zero tolerance” approach towards cases related to drugs. He suggested forming a dedicated anti-drug squad to deal with the drugs menace.

The representatives of the organizations spoke about the porous international border and lack of proper check points at strategic places. They unanimously agreed to provide full support to the administration in its fight against drugs.

The DC appealed to government employees who are addicted to drugs to “come forward before the expiry of the stipulated date of 31 July.”

EAC (Judicial) Dakli Gara, administrative officers and panchayat members also attended the meeting. (DIPRO)