AEDMA lodges FIR after reporter’s FB page hacked

ITANAGAR, 29 Jun: The Arunachal Electronic and Digital Media Association (AEDMA), led by its president Migom Toko and general secretary Sangge Droma, met Itanagar Capital Region SP Jimmy Chiram on Tuesday and submitted an FIR related to cybercrime.

Toko informed the SP that Droma’s personal Facebook page was hacked on 20 June and now the hacker is misusing the page by uploading vulgar contents that have not only degraded the image of the AEDMA GS but also caused mental harassment.

“The motive of submitting the FIR is to request the officer to book the culprit as per the appropriate IT Act, and to restrain the hacker from making any further damages, as well as to create awareness in the society about rising cases of cybercrime in the state,” Toko said.

“We are very much thankful to the ICR SP for giving us time despite his busy schedule and his words to try their best to locate the hacker with their available resources. Moreover, we have also urged him to conduct a joint workshop for creating awareness on rising cybercrimes,” he said.

Droma informed that her personal Facebook page was hacked by an unknown person who is now uploading inappropriate contents. “Till now my Facebook account was safe, but the page I was using for personal blogs has been hacked,” she said.

She requested the people to report the page on Facebook and avoid clicking on any link therein. She also advised people to not share any data with any unknown person to avoid being hacked.

Expressing concern over the rising cases of cybercrime, the SP informed that his team would try its best to locate the hacker and stop such cybercrime. “Cracking such cases is a bit difficult, but not impossible; we also should take extra care about our social media accounts to avoid such situations,” Chiram said.

Shambo Flago (Gyoloo News), Techi Tat (Itanagar News) and other members of the AEDMA also accompanied the team.