‘Reconsider shifting of Kra Daadi HQ’

ITANAGAR, 7 Jul: The Jamin-Kra Daadi District Headquarters Restoration Committee (JKDDHRC) has appealed to the chief minister to reconsider the decision to shift the district headquarters of Kra Daadi from Jamin to Diring Hapa (Palin).

In a memorandum it submitted to the chief minister on Wednesday, the JKDDHRC stated that “two MLAs of the district in January 2020 had submitted a memorandum to the CM’s office, raising demand for relocating the district headquarters Jamin to Diring Hapa (Palin) and the government has considered it as an emergent need with the issuance of ordinance on 14.06.2021 for amending the extant Reorganization Act during the time when the state was struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic and the government was struggling with challenges to the state’s economy. The impugned action is irresponsible and unmindful of the plight of a very poor state like Arunachal Pradesh.”

The committee further urged the government to justify why Diring Hapa, which is 7-8 kms away from Palin, with an allocated area of merely 147 hectares, has been designated to be the district headquarters “while Jamin, with a huge area of 1,085 hectares of donated land, is turned down.”